Catalog 2020-2021

Services to Students

The Catalog

Advisor with StudentThe Indian River State College Catalog is designed to guide students from admission to graduation. It is the primary source of College information to ensure student success. Students are responsible for meeting in full the requirements for admission and graduation as set forth in the College catalog.

Upon being fully admitted, the Enrollment and Student Services Division assists in the planning of a program of study for each student with the final responsibility for meeting the requirements for graduation resting with the student. The catalog considered "in force" and binding on the student is (on the student's option):

  1. The one under which he/she originally enrolled provided the student has maintained continuous enrollment (and allowing for institutional curriculum updates).
  2. The current online/interactive College catalog.

The provisions of this online/interactive catalog are not to be construed as a contract between the student and Indian River State College. The College reserves the right to update any provision or requirement when such action will serve the interests of the College or its students. The College further reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw when it considers such action to be in the best interest of the College.

The success of each student is the top priority at Indian River State College. Enrollment and Student Services at IRSC help students benefit from their college experiences from the first campus visit to graduation. Services are provided by the following departments: Student Records, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Veterans Services, Curriculum Support, Career and Transfer Services, Student Accessibility Services, Assessment Services, Enrollment Management and International Student Advising. These services ensure that each student receives the individual support and guidance necessary for success.   

Printed, archived copies of IRSC College Catalogs are available in the Miley Library on Massey Campus in Fort Pierce.  Other requests for archived information should be sent to the Curriculum Support Office on the Massey Campus, or requests may be made to