Catalog 2022-2023

College Organization - Administration

Baccalaureate graduates

Timothy E. Moore, President

B.S., Wofford College

M.L.S., North Carolina State University

Ph.D., Auburn University

Michael Hageloh, Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Chief Marketing Officer

M.B.A., Nova Southeastern University

Heather J. Belmont, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, CAO

B.A., Ithaca College

Ph.D., University of Miami

Angela Browning, Vice President of Research and Institutional Effectiveness

B.A., Presbyterian College

M.A., University of South Carolina-Columbia

Ph.D., University of Florida

Elizabeth A. Gaskin, Vice President for Student Success

B.A., University of Kentucky

M.A., Eastern Kentucky University

Timothy J. Marshall, Vice President of Institutional Technology, CIO

B.S., University of Baltimore

M.S., University of Baltimore

Marvin Pyles, Vice President of Administration and Financial Services, CFO

B.A., University of Maryland

M.A., University of Maryland

Ph.D., University of Maryland

Frank L. Watkins, Jr., Vice President of Student Affairs

A.S., Gulf Coast Community College

A.A., Gulf Coast Community College

B.S., Florida State University

M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University

Melany K. Crawford, Staff Attorney

J.D., Stetson University

Edith R. Pacacha, Associate Vice President of Finance

M.B.A., Fordham University

Annabel V. Robertson, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement and IRSC Foundation

B.A., Denison University

J.D., University of Miami

Suzanne Yanuck Seldes, Associate Vice President of Communications, PIO

B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Alessandro Anzalone, Campus President - Chastain

M.S., New York University

Ph.D., University of South Florida

Russell P. Brown, Campus President - Dixon Hendry

B.A., University of Central Florida

M.Ed., University of North Florida

Terri Graham, Campus President - Mueller

B.S., Florida A&M University

M.S., Florida A&M University

M.B.A., Rollins College

Ed.D., University of Florida

Andrew K. Treadwell, Campus President - Pruitt

B.A., University of Florida

M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University 

Anthony B. Dribben, Dean of Science

B.S., Mississippi College

Ph.D., University of Florida

Patricia A. Gagliano, R.N., Dean of Nursing 

A.A., Sante Fe Community College

B.S.N., Barry University

M.S.N., Barry University

Ph.D., Barry University

Anna Balaka Hubbard, A.R.N.P., C.N.E., Dean of Health Science

B.S.N., Pennsylvania State University

M.S.N., Florida Atlantic University

Ed.D., Florida Atlantic University

D.N.P., University of South Alabama

Adriene B. Jefferson, Dean of Northwest Center, Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator 

B.S., Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

M.Ed., Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Debra L. Kohuth, Dean of School of Education

M.S., University of Scranton

Prashanth Pilly, Dean of Business 

M.M., University of Phoenix

Ph.D. Northcentral University

Raimundo J. Socorro, Dean of Public Service Education

M.S., University of Louisville

Ph.D., Barry University

William L. Solomon, Dean of Workforce Education

A.S., Macomb Community College

B.B.A., Florida Atlantic University

M.A., University of South Florida

Scott Stein, Dean of Liberal Arts

B.A., University of Miami

M.S., Rosalinda Franklin University

Psy.D., Union Institute and University

Mia S. Tignor, Dean of Learning Resources

B.A., University of South Florida

M.A, University of South Florida

Ph.D., University of Central Florida

Tiffany E. Lewis, Interim Dean of Mathematics

A.A., Indian River State College

B.S., Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

M.S., Nova Southeastern University

Scott H. Kimmelman, Athletic Director

B.S., University of Tennessee

M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University

Natalia V. Chekhovskaya, Advanced Manufacturing Executive Director

B.S., Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

M.S., Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Kevin E. Cooper, Executive Director of Innovation and Business Development

B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

B.A.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S.E., Arizona State University

Ph.D., Arizona State University

Lisa Davenport, Executive Director/Principal - Indiantown High School

A.S., Ashworth University

B.S., California Coast University 

M.Ed., American College of Education

Heather M. Gutman, Executive Director of Enterprise Systems

B.S., The State University of New York at Binghamton

M.A., The State University of New York at Binghamton

Leslie E. Judd, Executive Director/Principal - Clark Advanced Learning Center

B. Ed., University of Toledo

M.S.E., Florida Atlantic University

Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Hans A. Sorensen, Executive Director of Cloud and Infrastructure

B.A., University of California

A.A., Saddleback College

Emily Mass, Administrative Director of Recruitment and Admissions

B.S., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

M.S., Nova Southeastern University

Victoria Ortiz-Lucas, Administrative Director of Planning, Budget, and Auxiliary Services

A.A, Indian River State College

B.B.A., Florida Atlantic University

M.B.A, Amberton University

Leonard Calvin Williams, Administrative Director of Advising and Career Services

B.S., Liberty University

M.A., Liberty University

Ph.D., Capella University

Bruce W. Fraser, Director of the Institute for Academic Excellence

B.A., University of California-Santa Cruz

M.A., Boston University

Ph.D., Boston University

Christopher Puorro, General Manager - IRSC Public Media

B.A., The College of New Jersey