Catalog 2011-2012

College Mission & Goals

Indian River State College is a comprehensive college accredited to award Baccalaureate Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Career and Technical Certificates. As a leader in education and innovation, IRSC transforms lives by offering high-quality, affordable and accessible education to the residents of Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and St. Lucie counties through traditional and electronic delivery.

We commit to

  • Creating a superior teaching and learning environment
  • Cultivating student success
  • Embracing diversity
  • Stimulating economic growth
  • Developing a highly-skilled workforce
  • Building partnerships to expand opportunities 
  • Providing cultural enrichment and lifelong learning

Our Mission is fulfilled through the accomplishments of the following goals:

  • Student Access and Success

Provide access to educational opportunities for all students through high-quality programs, services and resources leading to the successful completion of degrees, certificates, or other credentials and attainment of each student’s educational and career goals. 

  • Student Development and Satisfaction

Enhance and enrich the student learning experience through comprehensive and convenient student support services, advisement, co-curricular programs and activities which reinforce critical thinking, problem solving, leadership development, and good citizenship skills.

  • Educational Programs

Prepare students with the educational foundation, knowledge, skills, and learning outcomes required to meet the dynamic needs of the 21st Century workforce.

  • Cultural Diversity and Enrichment

Improve the cohesiveness, quality of life, and ability of all citizens to contribute toward the betterment of the community by promoting and supporting the appreciation of cultural diversity and serving as a resource for cultural enrichment.

  • Technology

Maximize the quality of education, student learning, efficiency of operations, and service to the community through the appropriate integration and utilization of technology.

  • Fiscal Resources

Ensure that the funding received, from all sources, and utilized by the College is commensurate with the mission, goals, and priorities of the institution, as well as the educational needs of the community.

  • Physical Resources 

Provide the necessary land, facilities, information technology resources, and electronically-based instructional and administrative systems to provide a high degree of efficiency in an environment conducive to effective learning.

  • Workforce Development

Train and prepare a skilled and competent workforce aligned with current employment demands and provide entrepreneurial opportunities to meet the future employment needs of our service region.  

  • Economic Development

Collaborate with regional and state economic development leaders and stakeholders in developing and promoting sound, yet bold economic initiatives for our service region.

  • Employee Development

Enrich the organizational culture by supporting the enhancement of employee performance through educational and professional growth opportunities.